AVROS Corporation
  • AVROS is an accounting, tax and consulting firm specialized in assisting
    foreign owners of U.S. based businesses.
  • Our clients are from Brazil, Portugal. and from Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Our personnel has decades of experience assisting clients with business planning, as well as back-office (accounting, tax, corporate) functions required by U.S. businesses.
  • Our offices are in greater Orlando, Florida; and in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Below is a summary of our services, according to the client's objective.
Client objective
Our services

Start business in USA

Company formation and renewals in the United States
• Business address and registered agent services in Florida
• Business plan, pitch deck, startup presentations
• Cash flow projections / custom financial models
• Market research

Accounting / Tax

Back-office services in the USA:
• Online accounting
• Tax compliance (income tax, sales tax)
• Corporate documents (bylaws, meeting minutes, etc.)
• Onsite support in Florida

USA Real estate

We assist owners of "for profit" rental real estate:
• Interface with rental agencies (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)
• Accounting (receipts, expenses, improvements, depreciation)
• Tax compliance (tax returns and other requirements)
• Maintenance and insurance control
• Real estate valuation
• Cash flow planning and control
• Local support during purchase and sale

USA address

We provide postal address in Florida:
• Mail review and forwarding (scanned/email or postal).
• Small parcel forwarding


  • Initial conversations are usually at no cost.
  • Email: info@avros.us.
  • Phone and Whatsapp: +1-305-904-6643.
  • We use Zoom, Google, Teams, Skype and other communication tools.

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