AVROS Corporation

About us

  • AVROS Corporation helps foreign clients with their business interests in the United States.
  • Most of our clients are from Brasil, where René was raised.

AVROS Corporation

• American company incorporated in Florida.
• Office: Kissimmee, Florida (greater Orlando).
• AVROS is not a law firm.

Mr. René C. Duvekot

• Base: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
• MBA (U. Miami, 1982); BSBA (U. Florida, 1972)
• Born in The Netherlands and raised in Brazil.
• Functions in sales, planning, finance and operations at
     Lely USA; Embraer (USA); Alexander Proudfoot (Brasil).
• 30+ years as partner in consulting firms (Brazil - USA).
• Totally fluent in Brazilian Portuguese and American English.
• Member of American Mensa.
• Allergic to B.S.

Mr. Armando Martinez
Accounting & Tax

• Base: Orlando, Florida, USA

Ms. Louana Oliveira
Customer Service

Base: Orlando, Florida, USA

Where we are located

Escritório AVROS em Orlando

AVROS office ... 806 Verona Street ... Kissimmee (Orlando), Florida
  • We are experts in videoconferencing; our clients do not live in the U.S.
  • Our office is in historical downtown of Kissimmee (greater Orlando) in Florida, USA.
  • No frills: no granite floors, no ocean views, no high prices.
  • No frills: visitors make their own coffee (on our Nespresso machine).

How to contact us

  • Initial conversations are usually at no cost.
  • Email: info@avros.us.
  • Phone and Whatsapp: +1-305-904-6643.
  • We use Zoom, Google, Teams, Skype and other communication tools.


Welcome to the USA,

Rene Duvekot - assinatura