AVROS Corporation

Business communication

Presentations, websites and documents
should be targeted to your desired audience

Commercial information must be WRITTEN

  • In the United States business is conducted via documented (written) content.
  • Oral statements rarely have any value.
  • Your success depends on how you present yourself in writing.

Readers of your messages may not know you

  • In American firms, the decision to accept a proposal may depend on many opinions.
  • Many people may be reading your presentations, proposals and websites.
  • For some readers, all they know about you is what they have read.
  • You must rely on your writings to properly convey your message.

Few opportunities

  • American executives receive lots of messages fighting for attention.
  • You are one of many.
  • You will have few chances to generate action from your readers.
  • Your messages must be direct, to-the-point and properly targeted.

Mistakes that kill messages

  • Content not targeted to your audience and/or not presented in a logical order.
  • Not explaining the advantages and benefits of what you propose.
  • Unnecessary or irrelevant information.
  • Too much empasis on graphics (as opposed to content).
  • Arguments based exclusively on your opinions (an not on facts).
  • Foreign texts not properly translated.
  • Units of measure that the reader does not use or know.
  • Slang. idioms and abbreviations that Americans are not familiar with.

Targeted English

If your business planning includes dealing with Americans, proper communication is one of the best investments available, especially during early contacts.

  • Include terms used in the specific field of the target audience.
  • Adjust colloquial figures of speech to U.S. habits.
  • Convert units to the ones used by the U.S. target audience.
  • Add graphs or tables to properly explain quantitative or comparative data.
  • Explain references, symbols and abbreviations that are only pertinent to Brazil.


  • Email messages exist to (a) ask a question, (b) request some action or (c) to inform.
    Make sure you let the reader know which one it is.
  • If forwarding, remove prior unnecessary content.
  • Be direct - eliminate every word that does not help your message.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Use bullet points.
  • Use bullet points (Alt + 0149).
  • Format: we suggest plain text as opposed to html.
  • Signature: simple, just your name, company, phone and email address.


  • Initial conversations are usually at no cost.
  • Email: info@avros.us.
  • Phone and Whatsapp: +1-305-904-6643.
  • We use Zoom, Google, Teams, Skype and other communication tools.

Welcome to the USA,

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