AVROS Corporation

We create your American company

  • For foreign owners, a company can create your commercial presence in the USA.
  • You do not need to reside in the USA to open and own a company here.
  • You do not need to have an american partner.
  • The company can have only one owner (shareholder).
  • Usually a new company (in Florida) can be formed in a few days.

Company Types

  • Common types are Corporation and LLC.
  • The "best" type usually depends on tax and residency status of the owners.
  • Each State (of the U.S.) has their rules regarding entity creation.

What is included in our "new company" service

Category Tasks we perform - Florida company


• Assist client with basic decisions (name, type, owners, etc.).
• Check name availability.
• Setup address for the company in Kissimmee, Florida.
• Appoint AVROS as Registered Agent (required by law).
• Request legal creation of the company.
• Prepare basic corporate documents.


• Apply for federal tax identification number (EIN).
• Assist client with U.S. tax concepts.


• Criate accounting file (specialized softward).
• Create Chart of Accounts, based on business model.
• Setup owners/company relationship in accounting program.
• Assist client about U.S. accounting concepts.

Local support

   • Implement filing procedures (digital and hard copy).
• Assist with bank account.
• Assist with merchant account.

What is needed after the company is formed

  • Bank account.
  • Licenses (depends on the company's business activities).
  • Accounting and Tax compliance (we offer this service).
  • Tax planning to minimize tax burden (we offer this).
  • If applicable, comply with Sales Tax rules.
  • If applicable, comply with Payroll rules.


  • Initial conversations are usually at no cost.
  • Email: info@avros.us.
  • Phone and Whatsapp: +1-305-904-6643.
  • We use Zoom, Google, Teams, Skype and other communication tools.

Welcome to the USA,

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