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Business planning in the USA

we evaluate the feasibility of business ideas
we convert ideas into business plans
we help you start your business in the USAUSA5

Who we are, what we do

Since the 1980's we help Brazilian entrepreneurs with their business planning in the United States.

  • We strongly believe in planning.
  • We believe that plans must be well documented.
  • We emphasize this through our portfolio of services.
  • AVROS belongs to René Christiaan Duvekot, who has extensive knowledge of both Brazilian and American business cultures - over 40 years in a variety of industries.
  • This website has an extensive section in Portuguese, as most of our clients are from Brazil.
  • This English section presents just a summary version of how we work and what we do.
  • Please contact us if you would like more information about our services and capabilities.
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Welcome to the USA,

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